Jose Saldivar


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       Need a graphic design, Illustration, 3d modeling, animations, drawings?

a strong work ethic and attention to detail, many years of passion and experience in art that has poured into my education.i look forward to working with you and the entire team, to not only achieve but reach beyond expectations.

Interested please message me with a short overview of what you're looking for.
Please also let me know what you're willing to spend for the project.

(I do guarantee my work so if at any time you're not happy with it nothing gained and nothing loss)

               My 3 easy steps to working with you…

Step 1: understanding what you’re looking for and deadlines and if I could fill that spot and of course fee.

Step 2: I will fill your request and have you review it to insure quality by submitting your work with a translucent red marker on it that is my portfolio address. (It’s for my protection and insures you have time to look at the work at your own time for adjustments)

Step 3: upon payment I will release you the finished product without the marker.
So at any time if you decide you’re not happy with the work shoot me an email and that’s it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  • illustrations
  • conceptual art
  • 3d modeling
  • digital design


  • illustrator
  • coral painter
  • sketchbook pro.
  • photoshop
  • maya
  • blender
  • indesign
  • flash
  • premier
  • final cut
  • dreamweaver
  • microsoft word
  • power point